Dr. Michael Szela MD

Dr. Szela graduated from Ohio State Medical School and completed his residency here in Augusta through the Maine-Dartmouth residency.

Dr. Szela is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine www.theabfm.org.

After serving in the military in Europe, he choose to return to Maine and raise his family. 



Capital Family Practice PA employs a full-time laboratory technician, Trena Rideout. 

Our medical receptionists are committed to assisting you with your care. Our personnel can help with insurance questions. We try to best serve as an advocate to each patient and achieve the best possible care. 

Nurses see the patient before the doctor.   



The office is located across the street from Rite Aid on Hospital St. in Augusta, Maine.

89 Hospital St. Ste. 2

Augusta, ME, 04330

(207) 623-4225

(207) 622-4699 fax

After office hours, phone answering machine directs you to call MGMC, at 626-1000 for MD on call. Operator contacts MD on call who then promptly returns patient call. Emergencies may go directly to the Emergency Room.